Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding the NARR standards document:

Do the NARR standards require live-in staff?

The NARR Standards do NOT require live-in staff. They also do not prohibit live-in staff. Note that house managers/leaders are often referred to as staff.

How do I know what standards are required for my level of housing?

On the right side of your NARR standards document, each level is listed in order. If the standard has a check mark listed under your level, it is required. If it has an 'R' it is recommended but not required. 

Questions regarding your Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 standards form:

Can I save my form to resume later?

No, the form must be completed in one sitting.

How long do I have to complete my form?

We prefer that you complete your standards form before you schedule your site visit, but it is not required. Though after your site visit, you have 30 days to upload all documentation and complete your standards form along with any additional requirements noted by your inspector. If an extension is required, submit a formal notice via email. 

What kinds of files are eligible to attach and submit?

Any and all document types are acceptable including PDF's, Microsoft documents, and even screenshots/pictures of documents are acceptable as long as they are clear.

Does each document for each policy all have to be uploaded separately? 

Preferably, yes. For example, it is not necessary to separate whole documents such as "Guest Expectations" or "Code of Ethics" into individual sheets, but it is expected that you upload those 2 titles of documents separately from each other. Try to limit individual uploads to less than 10 pages in length. Multiple pages of documents should be properly highlighted to help easily pinpoint the policy.  It is understood that some documents will be eligible to upload more than once. Your guest expectations for example may have anywhere from 2 to 20 policies listed within that one document and that is ok. Don't feel like you have to list each policy in a separate document.  

Questions regarding your application:

How do I know what level of housing I am?

Please refer to either the 'Home' page or 'Membership' page of our website to determine your housing level. 

Can I submit my application online?

There is currently not a way to submit your application on our website. You are welcome to email your application or mail it.

Questions regarding your site review:

When can I schedule my site review?

Your site visit will be scheduled by an inspector after payment has been received. 

How much does it cost to schedule a site review?

There is an initial fee of $300 for each recovery residence/address having 16 or less beds, which includes Certification with MARR and the initial inspection. Certification fees after the initial application year are $150.00 per year, per address/residence. After the initial inspection has taken place, a $35 fee will be incurred for each inspection required of the recovery residence other than the annual inspection. You can refer to the last page of your application for this question as well.

How long will the site review take at each house? 

The initial site review typically takes a little longer, about 45 min - 1-hour per home. Once Certified, the annual site visit is closer to 20-30 minutes per home.

How often will there be a site review? 

Scheduled site reviews are completed annually. Every program is subject to a “Random” site review. MARR may randomly stop by an address to assure standards are being met.


Does MARR meet with the clients in the home? 

Yes. MARR has authority to speak with individuals living in the homes and may do this privately.

What if I can’t get things corrected within the 30-day time frame? 

An additional 30-days can be requested, in writing.  


What if I can’t finish everything after the additional 30-day extension?

You can re-apply for a MARR Certification after 90-days. This would require the operator to pay the fee of $150 per site/address all over again.

What if I want to close a location that was just reviewed? 

Any changes to a home need to be reported to MARR in writing within 30-days of change, (Closing a home, opening a new home, decreasing or increasing beds, etc.) 

If our Organization decides we can’t continue with the Certification process, can we get a refund? 

Every situation will be assessed on a case by case basis, but MARR is not in the habit of giving refunds. MARR will assess the situation to determine the amount of time, work and effort already put in to complete the review process.  


After a home is Certified, is there a refund if the home needs to close before the end of the certified year? 

No. Once the review process has been completed and the home is Certified MARR does not give refunds.

Do I have to have a license before I can become certified by MARR?” 

No. Depending on which county you are in and if you are contracting with a local PHIP, they may require the home to be licensed by LARA. MARR does not require recovery residences to be licensed.  


What if I want to change my recovery home to a Level IV? Will MARR change my certificate to state we are a Level IV? 

Yes, MARR can make a change to the certificate based on a change that takes place at a particular home/location/address. Level IV is Treatment, and is required to have a LARA License in order to provide this service. Before MARR could note an entity as being a Level IV, MARR would need to have a copy of the LARA License for our records.

Questions regarding housing levels:

 How do I know what level of housing I am?

Please refer to either the 'Home' page or 'Membership' page of our website to determine your housing level. 

How do I become a level 4?

You must provide treatment to become a level 4 home.