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The Michigan Association of Recovery Residences, Inc. (MARR) is the Michigan statewide affiliate of the National Association for Recovery Residences, Inc. (NARR)   http://narronline.org/

The term “Recovery Residence” was adopted by NARR and refers to standards-based recovery housing. As the sole Michigan NARR Affiliate, MARR certifies provider compliance with the NARR standards and code of ethics. The standard is based upon the Social Model of Recovery Philosophy (Social Model) which emerged in California some 70 years ago, attracted science – based academic researchers over the following decades which, in turn, led to Social Model expanding nationwide in the late 60’s. Recovery – oriented housing founded on Social Model principles continues to be studied academically due to its proven effectiveness in promoting and sustaining long-term recovery.

MARR’s objectives are to:

  1. Certify Michigan recovery residences to the NARR standards, and
  2. Publish a directory of certified recovery residences in Michigan, and
  3. Provide for trainings in the NARR standards, 


Each level implements the social model  to varying degrees and offers distinctly different service intensities. Level IV residences are state-licensed treatment providers who blend the “Medical Model” and” Social Model” to create a relatively more supportive environment for the person in recovery. Level III residences offer a paid staff supportive environment that offers life skills training and peer-based recovery supports. Level II residences have unpaid staff who monitor resident participation in individual and community recovery activities. Level I residences are democratically run homes where the residents self-govern by a set of “house rules” and share monthly expenses.


Initially developed through an intensive collaboration between regional and state local organizations supporting recovery residences nationwide, the initial NARR standard for recovery residences was first introduced in 2011. Following similar collaborative processes, the NARR standards have been refined over the years and have been compiled into the NARR Standards Version 3.0, which have been adapted by MARR and reflect the consensus of NARR affiliates that the Social Model, implemented in varying degrees, is the foundation for all four support levels.

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