MARR Membership Application

Click below to download the application to become a MARR member.

MARR Application (pdf)


Upon completion of your application, download and print your NARR standards checklist.

NARR Standards 3.0 (pdf)



After acquiring your checklist, please ensure that you meet the required standards for your level of housing. Click the corresponding link below to attach and submit the required documents. 

Level 1 residences are democratically run homes where the residents 

self-govern by a set of “house rules” and share monthly expenses.

Level 1 Standards form here

Level 2 residences have unpaid staff who monitor resident participation 

in individual and community recovery activities. 

Level 2 Standards form here

Level 3 residences offer a paid staff supportive environment that 

offers life skills training and peer-based recovery supports. 

Level 3 Standards form here

Level 4 residences are state-licensed treatment providers who blend 

the “Medical Model” and ”Social Model” to create a relatively 

more supportive environment for the person in recovery.

Level 4 Standards form here